Dear players of the Fortress of Diversity,

Conquest 2019 is just around the corner and we would like to welcome you to our ward! Especially those of you who are part of the Fortress for the very first time this year. We have put together an overview to help you get to know the Fortress better and find your way around:

The Fortress of Diversity is a volunteer army, some of which has existed since the very first conquests after the discovery of Mythodea. As the former earth camp, we have dedicated ourselves to the guiding aspect of diversity and therefore offer a basis for various character concepts and elementary orientations. At the same time, we are completely independent of the mythodean realms, so that concepts such as fiefdom or courtly play are not part of our structure.

Intime, we have divided ourselves into a military and a civilian leadership branch. Both areas share a commandant's office (large, black-and-white tent), which is a general point of contact for questions and job search or for contact with the leaders. Don't be afraid to talk to us, IT as well as OT, it's our job to be there for you and we really want to!

The military organization is led by Kaela, our commander, and Malar, her deputy, under the guidance of our tactics specialist William of Helmsley.

Our army is divided into several battle banners, which are always on the lookout for reinforcements. You are cordially invited to get to know the banners and join them. Since we provide the lion's share of the army of the discoverer's banner, all enthusiastic fighters should get pleased by the abundance of fighting possibilities. There is also the possibility to take care of the inner security of the ward with the guards of the Fortress as bodyguards. Motivated people for spying and messenger missions are also always sought, this play offer is also open to children and young people who are not old enough to take part in battles, for example.

Larius, the voice of diversity, and Arianna, his deputy, lead the civilian sector under the guidance of Consul Mr. Quinn. They coordinate the events around the plot of the event and can give information where exactly which help is needed.

In order to supply the fighting troops, the Fortress of Diversity has a quartermaster's shop with play facilities for craftsmen, supplies and commercial business. The "Feste der Vielfalt" also currently provides a larger alchemy laboratory for research and the supply of the discoverer's banner.

For evening relaxation we have our own tavern, our Terrabierbar. New this year, and certainly good for one or two surprises yet to be revealed, is our Hain der Elemente (Grove of Elements), which will offer spiritual games for different faiths and elements.

You can find a detailed brochure with pictures of points of play and characters of our banner at:

By taking part in our quarter-internal playing offers before the official start of the event, you can also make first contacts. We would also like to draw your attention to our information team speak on 21.07.2019 at 20:30. Further information can also be found in our forum as well as the Facebook group "Die Feste der Vielfalt".

We look forward to hearing from you and can be reached at if you have any questions,

For the Fortress of Diversity Orgateam
Sabrina, Moses, Jasmin, Denise and Ben