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Dear Fortress of diversity,

You always wanted the Fortress of diversity around your neck?
Or wanted the Fortress of diversity riveted onto your armor?
Now is your chance to do so!

Together with Leofortis, I want to give you the chance to get the symbol of the Fortress of Diversity in metal. Some of you may have seen Leofortis with their shop at the conquest, if not you can have a look at their work here: www.leofortis-larp.de

Philipp from Leofortis and I reworked the symbol as close as possible to the original.
I have gathered all details about prices, materials and possibilities for the creation, so you can order it in the combination you like the most.
As our original symbol is full of details, we chose a slightly bigger model than the normal one they have in their shop. It will be 7 cm x 6.1 cm, 1cm bigger than normal and therefore will also costs 1€ more than the work you might remember from their stall.
Of course you can also go for the smaller, normal size, but we recommend the bigger one for more details.

As we will finance the fees for the creational work from our Fortress Account, you only have to pay for the product you get.

As the the Fortress of Diversity is quite a huge camp, we agreed with Leofortis to coordinate the order over me. Therefore for now ordering a piece with the symbol of the fortress is only possible by contacting me.

Please gather your orders within your group internally - if possible - and then send it to me via Email: J-P.Reihardt@web.de

The payment will be upfront over me as well – I will give you all the details via Email.

For an order I need the following information:

Quantity: e.g. 1, 2, 3, … (important especially with group orders)
Model: e.g. pendant: flat with leather or fittings: domed
Size: 7 cm x 6.1 cm or 6 cm x 5.1cm (if you want so)
Holes: Describe, how many and where the holes should be placed . For special wishes a picture would be the best. (important only for fittings)
Material: e.g. brass, copper, steel or new/nickel-silver
Colour: e.g. dark brunished, copperised, enamel
→ if you want enamel: please write me the version and colours (see also in the documents):
Version 1: background, + Terra-symbol + fortress = colour
Version 2: background + Terra-symbol = colour 1 & fortress = colour 2
Version 3: background = colour 1 & Terra-symbol + fortress = colour 2
(Important: The colour green is reserved for official awards and can therefore not be ordered

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