Dear non German speaking players, we translated the feedback collected during our temaspeak meetings and translated it, so you can also read what this year's conquest felt like:

1) Feedback Intime

- Concerning the Fortress of Diversity

○ Especially positive:
§ Water supply during battles
§ Training battle tactitcs with other groups like the adamant Banner
§ IT-evening before official start of the event
§ Coordination during battles
§ Bodyguard play, for both guarded and those guarded
§ Ni Shanaz -> great pushing and cooperating with others quarters
§ Military plans worked out well
§ Quartermastery offered great play
§ Gambling and gameplaying evening in the TBB
§ Watchtower of the rising sun was great and helpful

○ To be improved:
§ Leaving out the Hartweiler during Feedback at Saturday
§ the fortress lacks IT-money
§ the trebuchet was not used
§ IT-integration of new groups
§ communication via bannerleaders
§ communication between voice and military leaders
§ delegation from military leaders to the fighting banners
§ Speaches adressing the whole fortress with ingame information
§ Exchange between the banners.
§ Introducing VIPs from the banner (like who is important in the realm of Roses)
§ Thieve-play was used well, but the OT-information about the quartermastery as a point of play should be more known
§ Announcing the separation of specific play as just for our war, like the thievery play.
§ better ingame control and coordination of the messengers
§ TBB was positioned badly, so it had fewer customers
□ more coordination with neighbouring wards, especially when they position camps with children next to the TBB
§ central points of Play (commanders, TBB, Garden, Quartermastery etc.) should be at one central square
§ Encourage and support public orders with shops to save shipping costs

- Concerning Live Adventure (the company behind Conquest):
○ Especially positive:
§ Manipulating and crafting at the stone plate
§ combining things and having audio feedback, as well as visits from important NPCs
§ the stone plate was a good possibility for plot-refugees to get in contact with plot
§ great Palisades, allowing for smaller skirmishes
§ plot site next to the palisade: a special thrill since there were regular attacks
§ a more active mages' and alchemists' guild, not only limited to retinue ("Tross"-)players
§ Nice Retinue Plot
§ Very cool play around the spies

○ To be improved:
§ central aspects of the plot were not recognized or communicated (e.g: new bonequeen)
§ very isolated plots in the banners, with little interaction or interference
□ exchange of information only possible when directly contacting the banners
§ No official "End" of the mirrorworld campaign, which all would see
§ No transition to a new setting
○ plot sites on the field should recieve sunshades
○ the rat network (ratio spies) appeared to be only for the discoverers' banner.
§ isolated, but nice, felt special and was very inclusive
○ being affecte by the scarab was frustrating for the players, as they were separated from others and did not have much to do, felt afraid of their characters and had to be actively singled out from play, as it was neccessary from an ingame point of view.
○ Suggestion: Plot sites for the enemies: enabling us to spy on or observe groups of NPCs, or to ambush them without huge groups of enemies always appearing together.

2) Feedback Outtime

- For the Fortress:
○ Building up and taking down worked very well, coordination is to be improved
§ Important: announce clearly, that building up and taking down is a common taks for everyone
§ more detailed plan for taking down
§ A buildup manager for each project (commanders tent, quartermastery, garden etc.)
○ Layout of the fortress was very good
○ very consequential putting OT-responsibility over IT play when it comes to health aspects and sharing water supplies
The notice board was not used

- Feedback for Live Adventure:
○ Permission to use the palisade was initially denied despite of a buildup according to the current ruleset
○ our campsite for the fortress was great
○ coordination of gamemasters is to be improved, there were misunderstandings among GM and NPCs
○ very negative: having to convince LA to consider OT-safety by postponing the final battle to a later moment with cooler temperatures.
○ sand in the middle of our ward: good idea in general, but the ward managers have to be asked before dumping it randomly
○ very clean dixies!
○ good water tap sites.
○ reliable warm water in the showers
○ LA's communication of their problems with the water was very good
§ Roadsings well placed, except for the free banner and discoverers
○ no curtains in the showers
○ ropes to handle the showers for smaller people
○ Cooling showers from the firefighters
○ lack of a system to support the value of silver and gold coins
○ there were no hints about siege weaponry being useful. Communicating it at JDS was to late for those planning new builds.

3) Projects and ideas for the Fortress at Conquest 2019
- more early communication of the need for messengers
- Meeting Dinner/ Meeting Breakfast allowing for exchange about recent events
- One Konsul should be present at the meeting of the military
- Earlier planning fo palisades and maybe building Palisades before the event (project of Moses/Larius)
- Decorational banners for the commanders tent
- Leo Fortis – Metal plates with the Fortresses coat of arms (40€ for a blueprint) afterwards reproduction possible
- own coins for the fortress => controversial idea, since serious political issues are to be expected with the fortress not being a realm.
- shafts for Banners to carry them in a belt, buing a pool to hand out for flagbearers
- New battlecry covering the new most-including orientation the fortress chose during the competition of the elements.
- Plans of the Caradoc
○ their alchemists working better together with others
○ More possibilities for exchange, common healers
○ More possibilities for play with the Western Seal => Skargen probably invading in the west

4) Common camp at Chroniken & JDS
- a common camp is widely asked for
- JDS: we will be at the Western Seal, Chroniken: We will be at the Realm of Roses