Dear Fortress of Diversity,

once again, the Conquest was over way to soon and you are surely remembering great moments and suffering from a lack of sleep.

However, after the CoM 2016 is before CoM 2017.
As organizers of the Fortress, we would like to improve your larping experience within our ward and Live Adventure is also looking forward to feedback, which they may use to further improve the Conquest.

Thus we open this feedback-thread and invite you to tell us, was euch dieses Jahr gefallen hat, aber auch, wo wir uns noch verbessern können.

Please respect common rules for feedback (even though we, given our great players, don'nt worry about this). That means: please comment fairly, citicize constructively and please discuss issues concerning singular players personally with them. Thank you very much!

Apart from this, ´we would especially like to thank:
Katrin/Deidre and Jenni/Tjelaria, our tireless ward managers,
those who helped us setting up and taking down common structures in the fortress,
the Black Orc Down for our new Ward-crate (stored for us by LA),
the Terra-Bierbar for providing a very special meeting place in the fortress, every year,
Bernd/Bossenstein for the commanders' tent,
all groups who brought additional Fourage-bags into the game and
all those in the Fortress, who contributed to our CoM-experience by constructing, donating or providing something special such as the thee seekers camp's shrine of the elements, street signs, the bulletin board, decoration, money and so on...

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Your ward organizers