Brothers and sisters in arms!

The summer campaign against the Mirrorworld is awaiting us and once again, questions are being asked, doubts are dividing us.

We do not want to be in doubt, we want to hold on.
Hold on to our principles, to our beliefs, to the reason, why we are here and to one another.

Our diversity makes us strong, gives us various opportunities and makes us superior to the enemy!

But it can misgive us as well...

„Is this orc next to me really a friend?“

„Can I really trust this animal creature over there?“

„I have never ever experienced something good done to me by a human...“

„Our leaders only care about themselves, we cannot reach them…“

„How shall I believe in unity when everyone just minds their own business?“

We want to resolve these doubts!

Therefor we would like to invite you to a feast, held at the seventh hour on the third day of the campaign (OT: Friday). Please gather at Terras Tafel, located at our ward‘s entrance and celebrate!

Please bring food and drinks, if you like you can also share games, songs or poetry with us. The Kapeiken (a German LARP-Band) will play for us and we will appreciate anyone else willing to share their ideas and abilities with us to contribute to a memorable evening.

Come together to meet old and new friends. Watch out for one another on this dangerous path we are on, so friendship between us will grow stronger. Celebrate life and remember those, who sacrficed theirs‘ for ours‘.

Remember, that together we are strong and have gone so far in recent years.

Those in doubt will not be able to plant insecurities and dissension in our hearts. Their seed will not grow because of our strong roots. The bonds of trust and friendship among us, our belief in reaching our goals have grown and throughout the years. A small seed, which turned into a forest, withstanding the enemy‘s attacks and all the dangers of this hostile world.

For you,
The military leaders and the Voice of Diversity