Dear inhabitants of the fortress,

during the Conquest, the Voice of Diversity (the camp's non-military leaders: Frix and my character Larius) are, among other tasks like administrating the camp, constantly trying to acquire, generate and pass on quests as well as minor tasks to keep those of you busy, whose characters are looking for work.

In order to do this more effectively, we would like to establish a list of characters with a non-military profession (such as: mages, alchemists, smiths, carpenters and so on). This list will help us to find and/or claim tasks suited for these professions, which we will then pass on to suitable characters on the list.

Please note, that enlisting is voluntarily. Although you will not be obliged to fulfill tasks we may offer you, you do, by enlisting underneath, declare, that you are generally willing to recieve quests and tasks according to your characters profession. Since we will usually contact healers via the fortresses' White Banner, we do not specifically ask healers to enlist underneath.

Here is an example on how this list will be used by The Voice:
Player X's character is a sorceress called Ailara in the Fortress of Diversity. She enlists underneath as a sorceress (or mage). She also mentions her player group, so we can find her tent or her mates. A messenger informs Frix or Larius about a quest, which requires a (more or less) professional mage to be solved. We will take a look at this list and find Ailara, who enlisted as a sorceress. We will then inform her about the quest and ask her (and probably other mages), if she would like to fulfill the quest. Ailara then decides, whether she wants to fulfill it or not. If not, she will inform the Voice about her decision, so the quest can be passed on to another player.

Please enlist like these generic examples did:

Ifric "the fire serpent" – Mage – Group: "Serpents of the Elements"
Azora Coalface – smith – Group: "We repair what you can't afford"
Steven Fourfingers – carpenter – Group: "Forest Dwellers"
Gwyneth Inkskirt – writer – Group: "Earth Academy"

Thank you very much for your support, we are curious to see, which hidden talents our players have to offer!