Dear members of the Fortress of Diversity,

the Conquest is closer than ever and right now the final preparations are being made. In less than a month, we will meet each other again. Therefore for us now is the time, to give you a summary of our plans for this year and to announce, what we think will be important this year.

What are main goal is:
We did develop from the former Earth camp (Erdlager). All who were part of this will remember, that we really rocked and as such last year was rather sluggish in comparison. We want to find back to our old strength and make the fortress again to what distinguished the Earth camp in its last years. We want to stand together in our diversity, work together, celebrate together, (hopefully not) mourn our fallen companions together and become the spearhead of the army, which drives the action. We, your planning team, already have accompanied the old Earth camp and the Fortress of Diversity for quite a while now and if a ward can accomplish those goal, the Fortress will be this ward. We are many, we are motivated, we are strong and we have already shown that we can do it. We count on you!

Concerning the civil command:
As you may already know, our two civil commanders resigned from their positions from last year. We want to continue the concept of the civil commanders but, the "title" of this position will be changed from "Commander”/”Kommandant” to "Voice of Diversity” / “Stimme der Vielfalt". This describes the role much better and prevents confusion with the military leadership. Among the many proposals coming from our forum members this was the most popular. But names are indeed rather trivial, and it is much more interesting who takes over this important roles in the future.

Because the Conquest is our first chance to get all our members together, we would like to make IT elections, which will take place BEFORE !!! the official Time In and the SL speech. If we will be able to make it, we will have to see, but we will try our best to make it possible and we will inform you when, how and where this election takes place. Nevertheless, there will definitely be an election, as you shall decide who will represent you.

What has to be elected?

We need to find new people, who will take over the position as ” Voice of diversity”
The Voice of Diversity represents the ward and also makes decisions concerning the camp. In addition, those people will coordinate the Plothunter and will set the main goals for the ward in cooperation with our military leadership as well as they will inform the players about current events. The specific design of this job is depending on the commanders and their priorities.
The whole thing is a full-time job, in this position you will have to put your own play and interests in the background and the wealth of the whole ward will have to be your primary concern.

Who can be elected?
In general, each member of the fortress can be nominated for election. However there are some points you should be aware of.

1 –Sense of responsibility. The activity is not limited on Conquest but also includes planning arrangements with the OT organization team and partly with the organizers and representatives from other wards. These things are held throughout the whole year, mainly in the 5 to 6 months before the Conquest.
2 –activity in the forum over the entire year in order to stay at least up to date. Active participation would obviously be even better.
3 -Visiting other LA Cons is advantageous. In addition to the Conquest this is especially the Jenseits der Siegel, where the main IT topics for the Conquest are discussed. The visit of the Chronicles of Mythodea and other conventions in the background of Mythodea are not a must, but could be advantageous to represent the fortress also outside of the Conquest.
4 - Deprioritizing the own fun. You still pay the entrance as a normal SC and shall have fun for yourself. But the position is a high IT responsibility and means a lot of stress and lack of sleep on the Conquest. Your personal play and flexible scheduling of your time will therefore be very limited.
5 -You should have no problem to speak freely in front of many people.
6 -Your will need to make decisions even under stress.
7 -Even if you are annoyed or stressed OT, you have to take care to not push those feelings on other players. If you are just doing it IT and OT everything is fine, this is part of your role-play of course.
8 -Motivation & teamwork. The entire OT organization team is doing this work voluntarily, without any payment and in their spare time. Good cooperation makes it much easier to think of everything and get everything done. The Voice of Diversity does not necessarily have to take over the OT organization, but you should at least keep in touch over the entire year, and of course the OT team welcomes your support.

Concerning the military leadership
This year we will have the same military leaders again, we had in the last years of Earth camp. While last year the Laertes of Dros Rock has stepped in for Marvin, this year Marvin von Westerhold and Jaques d'Idou will take over the military leadership again. Right at the beginning, so right after the official Time In, a military review will take place. By doing this we want to show our strength but also in addition, our several battle banners will be presented with their priorities and banner leaders to help newcomers to integrate in our IT organization. Please come in full armor to this event (at best you already wear your armor during the SL speech), as this review shall be a bit ceremonial. Depending on how the setting is, we might also make a small maneuvers.

Guard of the military leadership

Our military leadership would like to have a special guard. Besides what a guard normally is doing, it will help our combat lines in emergencies and may take over more specialized tasks. The prerequisite is that you wear heavy armor and you have to be fit, a long weapon like a spear would be great too. If you are interested in participate in this guard, contact Marvin and Jaques on site.

Construction & other handicraft projects

Garden of Terra
Despite (or because ;-)) of the new war of law, we will build the Garden of Terra again. According to the new law of war consecrated places are prohibited but the garden was not consecrated last year and shall mainly serve as a place of contemplation and community. To adapt it better to the setting, this year we ask you to bring ornamental stones, dried plants, etc. even pictures of plants etc. are possible. There are no limits to your imagination, but please consider the setting of the mirror world. In full glory standing plants are not fitting in this setting this year.

Like last year, we ask you to bring a sign for your group/family/character enblem. These should be placed representatively right and left of our district representative entrance.

Road signs
A group has agreed to bring the materials and would then make road signs for our ward. If you have suggestions for street names, come to us and we convey you to the appropriate group.

Please, if you have the possibility, illuminate the part of the way your camp is in contact with. For the main way we try to finance lamps from the wards cash box.

Ward enclosure
This year we want to mark the boundaries of our ward a little more clearly, mainly like the other districts have done it last year. This goal is not to prevent not prevent people from coming to us, but simply mark the area of our district clearly. We want to set up a rope fence and mark the official entrance with banners and signs. You are welcome to bring things to beautify this fence.

We will set up our palisade towards battlefield again, including our gate. Prerequisite is that the fortress also has a corresponding square, because we do not want to build up the palisade, if our ward is not located directly next to it. If this really works out, we will know for sure on site, but Kathrin/Deidre stands in close contact with LA so that we are directly adjacent to the area outside of the banner again. The gate will be build up, however, we have made it a condition that other ward participate in the gate guard. If this does not happen, we will barricade the gate.

Banner Tower
Viribus Unitis (north) will build a kind of "watchtower" for the entire Banner of Unity. They have a basic plan for a storable and thus re-usable "tower" with about 450 € self-construction costs. That would currently be beyond what we can afford as a ward, which is why we will not build an own tower for the fortress this year. But we have pledged support when setting up the north tower with our construction team and for next year we can then decide whether we build our own tower or not and who of us will build it. The long-term plan is to connect these towers with a cable system for messages and - depending on the possibility – to get an overview of the area outside of our banner. This "tower" is officially a tree house, so it is important to keep in mind that you enter it at your own risk.

General information

According to the current plan our banner (Banner of Unity) will be placed in the same area as last year, but will be structured a bit different. The current idea of LA is to create a central place for the entire banner, from which the districts will be placed radial, like a cake. All IT offers which are open for all players should be placed as close to this place as possible. These include e.g. the place of the Voice of Diversity, the military leadership and the Garden of Terra. Exact plans are, as always, unfortunately only possible when the areas of the districts are fixed, which is not the case yet. However at this point, your creativity is asked: Do you want to build a small trade stand? A massage parlor? Or something different open for all players? Because these things would also be great in this area of our district.

Council of war
The council of war consists only of one representative per banner. For the banner of unity this is Leonora from the Red Moor, deputy Archon of the kingdom of roses. In this decision the fortress was not included because it is not part of campaign game. Please use it as an IT offer for role-play =).
We're still an independent ward and can make our own decisions and our voice will be heard for sure, and if it is just because of our strength.

We hope that we were able to prepare this year's Conquest in your sense. Almost the entire planning team takes on this task, at least to this extent, for the first time and we have given our best and will continue to do so.
We would like to play with for a long time and continue to provide the best possible Conquest experience for all of us.

In this sense we hope to have a successful, fun-filled, addictive and thrilling Conquest 2015 in the Fortress of Diversity.

We look forward to you!

Your planning team

PS: An email with further Information will be send to you soon.