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    Standard Information from the JDS

    Hello together
    Soon we will be on the battlefield together again. I am really looking forward to it .
    For all of you who were not at Jenseits der Siegel I did summarize the most important information so that you are up to date. Of course there was much more information then what is written down below, we will do our best to share those with you IT at CoM.

    Here are the most important points you definitely need to know:

    1) The military leadership of the Fortress this year will be taken over by Marvin Westerhold and Jaques d'Idou (wuhuu) - which have both been very successful in 2012 and 2013, Jaques was also one of the commanders last year
    2) For the civil command, we do have two candidates right now, but there will be elections in the summer and by the civil command is unoccupied
    3) As last year, there will be a council of war for the whole army, but this year, it will consist of one 5 people, namely the leader of the Banners (e.g. Unity, Iron). This year's leader of the Banner of Unity will be Leonora vom Roten Moor, deputy Archon of the Reich der Rosen
    4) The Spiegelwelt (Mirror World) is now called Kelriothar
    5) The Siegelpunkte (Sealpoints) will not be held this year, but will be consecrated for an element only on demand and after that will be desecrated again

    On the JDS a a council of war took place too, the objectives of the campaign, the information and the current law of war (sadly only in german) can be found in the attached PDFs. The law of war was extended by the following points (I can explain the detailed background, if desired, simply comment accordingly )
    - Trading Quars (the little beads the ratio did drop) is prohibited under penalty
    - Places which draw element power (e. g. a Garten Terras) shall not be constructed as the force of the elements should not be wasted
    - The sealing points must be desecrated when they are no longer needed

    So that was now the most important information in a very brief summary. If you find something very interesting, wish to have more background or have questions about the attachments, just write a comment and I will happily answer. I just did not want to overwhelm you with too much information .
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