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Thema: The "Viertelmanager" 2015

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    Aiden ui Thallwyn Gast

    Standard The "Viertelmanager" 2015

    Hello everyone. The Viertelmanager for this years conquest is online which came to me as a small surprise, as I didn't expect it so soon.
    Anyways you can find it HERE.

    They have it in german and english language just choose via the dropdown menu on the page.
    What you need to login in, is your email account and a password.
    The password should already have been mailed to you. Check your sapmfilter too. My email ended up there
    Topic should be "Viertelmanager ConQuest 2015 - Zugangsdaten" ('Zugangsdaten' means login data)
    Sender to me was: "automatische Mail nicht antworten" ('automatic mail please do not respond')

    After succesfully having loged in, you'll be in the main menu which should read:

    choose Banner/Ward
    add group and ticket details
    change password
    transfer tickets

    First of all click "choose Banner/Ward"
    This should take you to a page with a list of all available Banners with associated Wards.
    Choose "Banner der Einheit/Unity | Feste der Vielfalt (frei)" if you please so that it will be highlited blue.
    After that click on the little button on the left at the bottom of the list "choose"

    The page should load a second and present you with the following:
    Selected: Banner der Einheit/Unity - Feste der Vielfalt
    Banner | Ward: (Set all Tickets)
    You can assign tickets individually just click below assign.
    click on the button (Set all tickets) or assign your tickets seperately.
    I have no idea how this looks for people that have only one ticket. But I guess it's somehow accordingly.

    You now should have your ticket correctly set for the Banner of Unity / Fortress of Diversity.
    click on the link that leads back to the main menu.

    Choose "add group and ticket details" next.
    Here you can choose a group that already exists or create a new group. This mostly helps us human Wardmanager (Viertelmanager) to plan where to put which group in the Fortress of Diversity.
    The procedure is mainly the same as before when choosing a Banner / Ward.

    highlight your chosen group
    click on the "choose" button on the bottom left of the list.
    wait a second for the page to update.
    click on the (choose for all tickets) button or whatever it says when you only have one ticket.

    Please also take the time to edit the ticket details. For this click on the red link "edit" at the end of your ticket details.
    Why should you?
    It will be a lot easier to plan the Fortress of Diversity for us, when we have a contact person for your group, so that we can communicate problems or special wishes.
    There also is a tab where you can add other stuff like above mentioned wishes.

    This concludes the little how to. Luckily this year the "Viertelmanager" is a tad easier to use. Nevertheless if you have questions, feel free to send me a PM.

    Last but not least:
    Deirdre will create an Excel file again to better plan the whole Ward. It's not there yet. Don't panic. It will be there in time. For the meantime grab a towel and drink some pints.
    (for those who didn't get the last sentence: Never mind. It's for SciFi Insiders :P)

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    Shan Meng Feyn


    Excel file online:

    Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.
    Hüterin Deirdre Arianrhod,
    Die Gärtnerin mit dem Efeu auf dem Kopf

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    Opwijk, Belgien


    Thanks for the information.
    Once again this year, Habemus Crustulum will attend with 10 people. if any question you can contact me
    Real name: Lambrechts Geert

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    Shan Meng Feyn


    Hello residents of the Fortress of Diversity!

    It's me again, Katrin aka Deirdre the gardener, one of your ward planers.
    The Conquest is coming soon and so it is time to get some things done.
    The first thing, I would like to ask you to do is: Please check your entered data in the ticketmanager of Live Adventure ( and also those entered in the google document (
    We will plan the ward according to the information given there. So please feel free to tell us your wished sizes/ranges of your camp. E.g. for a 50 square meters camp you want 10x5 meters or 2x25 meters . The first callout will be the side connected to the path, if possible. So for the first example it would be 10m side for the path, in the second example it would be 2m.

    This year we'll try it with a more generous planing concerning the size of the camps. If this fails, we will have to reduce the given square meters for the camps again next year. So please support us by using as less square meters as possible and by sticking to the planned camp sizes. It is for your own sake.

    Some information:
    *We'll plan with a more generous size than last year (14-15 square meters). Please stay within these sizes otherwise we will have to shorten again next year.
    *Keep in mind that you need some paths in your camp in between the tents. These can be very important in case of an emergency..
    *Keep the camp fire in distance to your tents and have something ready to be able to extinguish it quickly.
    *Most likely there won't be any “natural” shadow places for any camp. The small belt of trees is for everyone, so no camps/tents will be placed there.
    *Most likely we'll be at the same meadow like last year but there will be another allocation of the wards within the banner resulting in a central place which connects all wards.
    *The ward is part of the Banner of Unity, your camp will be part of the ward. So there is no reason to put a 2m high fence around your camp. The enemy will be in front of the banner palisade not within the ward nor the banner. If you wish to define your camp a simple 'rope fence' will be all fine.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask as soon as possible.

    Deadline for any corrections in the google document is July 17th Midnight so Aiden and me are able to start drawing the ward in accordance to Live Adventure.

    If your ticket numbers (white area) is another one than ours (orange area) in the document please call us to clarify as soon as possible so we can search for the tickets.
    Hüterin Deirdre Arianrhod,
    Die Gärtnerin mit dem Efeu auf dem Kopf

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    Shan Meng Feyn


    Please everyone use the Viertelmanager and join the fortress of diversity. At friday there will be the first count to get campspace. And all groupheads don't forgot the excel-list.
    Hüterin Deirdre Arianrhod,
    Die Gärtnerin mit dem Efeu auf dem Kopf


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