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Thema: Camp spot reservation?

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    Childeren of the vulture Gast

    Standard Camp spot reservation?

    Hi all. Me and some friends are going for the First time to Conquest and we would like to join the earth camp. We would like to put up a few tents in the camp and I’m not sure where I can reserve a spot for our group? Of is that not necessary?

    We will come with 8 people total and have 3 sahara tents (4 meters), 1 sahara tent (5 meter) and a medieval tent (5 meter).

    If this is not the spot where I should post is please let me know. Thanks all and cya on Tuesday!


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    It is not necessary to reservate, but if you want to camp at a special place (near trees, center, somewhere else...), it is adventageous.

    Unfortunatelly, the deadline for reservations was July 15th.
    But: Maybe you have luck. Write a private message to "Sabsi" with all information, perhaaaaapsssss it's possible to put you somewhere you like.
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    you'r very lucky, indeed!
    Thanks to some circumstances we haven't finished the earth camp "map" yet.
    So u'r in!
    Any special spot u'd like to camp?

    And - even though i'd like to have u joining the earth camp- did u know that there's a special camp for foreign and larp-newbe-people, called the Wayferers' Arrival?

    See ya soon!
    Malaka'Re, Hüterin der Tore Terras

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    Childeren of the vulture Gast


    That would be great! We would like to be near some trees and not to crowded in the night (we all need our beauty sleep ).

    Yes we know but we want to be in the earth camp for some more plotting/action/the real deal We all have over 10 years of larp experience each and i understand most people can commune in English? (some of us can understand German but talking is a little bit harder, we are from the Netherlands)

    Well thanks for saving us a spot! And cya all on Tuesday

    Greetings Cindy

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